Published Articles


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Working Papers


  • “The Emergence of Coherent Political Choices from Incomplete Issue Preferences” Abstract  pdf
  • “Pairwise Comparisons as a Scale Development Tool for Composite Measures” Abstract  pdf
  • “The Variable Persuasiveness of Political Rhetoric ”, conditionally accepted American Journal of Political Science Abstract  pdf


  • “Inferring Individual Preferences from Group Decisions: Judicial Preference Variation and Aggregation in Asylum Appeals” Abstract  pdf



  • “Which outcome to the Article 50 process do the British people want?” Abstract  pdf


  • “Submission to House of Lords Select Committee on Political Polling and Digital Media” Abstract


  • “Report of the Inquiry into the 2015 British general election opinion polls”, London: Market Research Society and British Polling Council. Abstract  pdf  web

Retired Papers


  • “Legislator Characteristics, Constituency Characteristics, and Roll Call Voting” Abstract  pdf
  • “Recovering Vote by Race in Primary Elections” Abstract  pdf